Friday, 27 January 2012

Ink Tests

ok so i tried to clean up the characters in ink (approaching it as if we were cleaning up animation) and i think if we do do it in pen, it should be something other than brush or dip pen :| probably one of those markery type pens would be best (i'll bring one to school on monday and show you guys) i really like the ink lines of the second character, if we applied it to the layouts. I'm NOT saying we should clean the characters up like this, just to clarify, i know it will take forever and it would jitter like crazy!

I inked this one last after i had warmed up with the pen a bit, i created these lines by keeping the pen on the page but varying the pressure as i drew, i think i prefer the texture of these lines but i dont think I applied it right to this bg

these lines were made by lifting the pen and applying heavy pressure then sort of trailing off. they feel a little stiff to me, its alright but i'm not the biggest fan

 I just tried to keep these lines straight....i dont like it :s (sorry i destroyed your layout kim!)
just kind doodling the jars for behind the counter. i also thought the flies would look kinda cool with a scribbley texture when they're up close

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